4 Diy Bird Control Hacks You Need To Know

Sometimes these birds add charm to your home garden and your life and you feel pleasant and happy. But when they harm your garden, they ruin your plants, fruits, and vegetables, and your property then you feel unpleasant. Moreover, their droppings are harmful to your health and their body waste can give you harmful effects especially if you have children at your home. There are 4 DIY easy hacks that can get rid of these birds easily.

Bird Control
Bird Control
  1. Use glittery tapes

This is the most effective home pest control treatment that you can use to remove these birds. You can search and buy online tapes for these risky birds. And you can cover the tree branches, tree trunks, parapet, walls, and fences with the tape. Because these birds get scared from these tapes. These tapes are shiny and throw direct light in the bird’s eye and this will force them to leave the house instantly. These tapes are not at all harmful to birds and another option is that you can use silver foil. This is also the best remedy to avoid birds.

  1. Use shining items in the home garden on the tree branches and outside anywhere on the height

Apart from these glittery tapes, you can use shining objects also. You can find old cracked CDs, foil paper, gold paper, and aluminum foil in your home on the tree and you have to hang these all gleaming objects. Also, these glossy items will not be able to welcome these birds and these items are eco-friendly in nature so this will not be dangerous to these birds. You can also order some of the shining products online which are cheaper and more effective to use.

  1. Use dummy meat eater animal

You can use fake carnivore animals in the area where you find these birds damaging your property. This is the best pest removal technique. Use plastic or rubber owls and eagles and simply you can order these items from various cheap sites or nearby local markets. These birds are scared to be killed by these animals. So, these birds will fly away instantly after seeing these animals and will not dare to come again to your home. People also have a large area or big house so they can use bird-scarers such as scarecrows.

  1. Use wind bells

Birds hate loud sounds and this is the best pet-friendly pest control object and even you can make these wind bells at home with the help of online videos.


Birds are the main threat to you & your home. It is very important to remove them from your home. You can follow the above 4 DIY Bird Control hacks if you want to keep them away from your home. If you don’t find these 4 DIY bird control hacks useful then you can hire the best & effective pest control services today. They know how to deal with these pests & keep them away. They also have the right tools & the best techniques to do pest control treatment effectively. Contact the best pest control company on 0340 507 737.