Moth Control Footscray

Excellent Moth Control Inspection And Treatment In Footscray 

Moths are one of the harmful pests common in Footscray, Australia. Even moths never attack you directly, they damage your clothes and linens. Moths can damage your curtains and carpets too. Simply moths are dangerous for things made of fabric. Therefore, controlling the moth infestation is very important. Instead of controlling moths on your own, call our Moth Control Footscray team. We are well-versed in treating moth infestations in both domestic and commercial places. Further, our pest exterminators use a combination of various pest treatments in Footscray. Moreover, we make your property environment moth-free in minimal possible time. 

We have experts who immediately eliminate pests from your property. Moreover, our experts provide a detailed inspection of your home. Based on inspection we design the treatment for moths. Thus, our treatment is very family and environment friendly. So, if you are looking for the best inspection and treatment for the moths, hire us. Or just give our experts a call at 03 4050 7737

What Are The Most Common Signs of Moth Infestation at Your Property? 

As we know there are many moth species common in Australia. Moreover, every moth species has different characteristics and signs. Even for knowing the moth infestation, you have to consult a professional for an inspection. Below are the few common and noticeable signs of moth infestation. 

  • As mentioned above moths are more attracted to the fabric. Thus, moths create tiny holes in cloth, carpets and curtains. 
  • Due to moth infestation, your important documents or book may get damaged and discoloured soon.  
  • Curtains or rugs at your house will have crusty deposits.
  • Trenches or tunnels on soft fabric or clothes. 
  • Moreover, your pet’s food packet has small holes. 

Thus for the moth control in the house, contact our experts. Our cabbage moth control Footscray team will surely remove them safely. 

Know More About Moths 

Moths never harm you directly, therefore they are not always harmful. Apart from this, moths are riskier for your soft fabric than the house. That is why you need to hire a pantry moth extermination service. 

Moths’ pests have dull colouration. Moreover, moth wings are 4mm to 30 cm on average. Furthermore, moth pests have four stages which include: 

  • Eggs 
  • Caterpillar 
  • Pupa 
  • Adult 

Even moths’ wings have a dusty look wrapped up with scales. Nevertheless, moths wrap their wings while resting. Some moths are active during the night and some during the day. Thus moths love eating nectar from the flowers. 

Step We Follow For The Moth Of Extermination Service 

Moths can be very dangerous for your building structure. Moreover, moths can damage your food and clothes. However, don’t worry just contact us for moth control service. We follow various standardized steps for moth elimination: 

  • Moth Inspection: our pest control carpet moth team will arrive at your place first for inspection. Thus, during the detailed inspection, we determine the species of moth. Moreover, the size of moth infestation at your place. Furthermore, during the inspection, we will also check the cause of moth infestation at your property. Thus we will inspect your house with advanced tools to stop future moth infestation. 
  • Treatment: our carpet moth extermination team will step forwards toward some chemical treatment. If your property is suffering from large size moth infestation, we use various combinations of chemicals. Moreover, fumigation is the most common method we use during white moth control. Also, we use effective pesticide treatment for controlling moths. Nevertheless, all our chemical solutions for moths are non-toxic. 
  • Ongoing Prevention: To prevent infestation our moth control Footscray team will suggest some tips. Hence some prevention tips include: 
  • Use a water and vinegar solution mixture to the moth affected area. 
  • Vacuum or do dusting of your house floor regularly. 
  • Store food in the tight-container 
  • Clean your house regularly. 

Why Choose Us For Moth Control Footscray Services? 

Our moth control Footscray team is well known for the fastest service. Our expert can easily eliminate moths from your home. Moreover, our moth exterminator cost is very reasonable. Thus, we provide high-quality moth control service in Footscray. 

  • Certified moth control solutions: our specialists use industry-approved or government registered solutions for moth control. 
  • Qualified experts: our moth control Footscray team has qualified experts. Thus our qualified experts are skilled in controlling all types of moth species. 
  • Availability: we are all time available for the moth control service. Moreover, you can book our moth control appointment 24/7. 
  • Pricing: Hiring our moth control service will save you money up to $40. Simply, our moth pest control cost is very much affordable. 
  • Follow up treatment: our specialist also delivers follow up treatment as per your request. Thus for the versatile moth control service hire us. 
  • Local team: we are the local moth control team in Footscray. Thus our local experts know every way to reach your destination as soon as possible. 


Q.1 Is it right to wash the moth egg infected cloth?

Yes, washing the cloth with hot or warm water will help in the elimination of moth eggs. Moreover, stop the future moth infestation at your property. 

Q.2 Why are moths commonly found in my bedroom?

Clothes and fabric are the attraction for moths. If your bedroom has wool or animal skin fabric, it will attract the moths. Also, if your bedroom contains unwashed clothes, then there are chances of moth infestation. Well, worry not just contact our moth control team in Footscray. 

Q.3 Do you offer a same-day moth control service in Footscray?

Yes, we are available for same-day moth control service in Footscray. Thus for the finest moth control service in Footscray, call us.