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We recognise that many of our clients’ rodent control requirements necessitate quick and cost-effective solutions with little fuss. Our Rodent Control Footscray specialists consider all factors when doing any pest management task. Assuring the security of your children and pets. Our innovative technology is ideal for residential and commercial clients throughout Footscray, giving you peace of mind that your home or workplace is pest-free. Thus, for a free quotation, call us now at 03 4050 7737

We can access and handle your requirements. Whether they are at home or at business, we provide reliable rodent control Footscary treatments. We provide full solutions that leave you breathing easy by using the most environmentally friendly rat pest control Footscary procedures.

The Aggressive Behaviour of Rodents

Rodents are both swift and intelligent animals. When we attempt to capture them, they immediately try and hide or run away. These critters are also resistant which allows them to come about your house looking for food. They are highly obstinate and will not readily leave your property. They would not leave your site, no matter how badly you attempt to put up traps. As a result, you should hire a professional to eliminate them from your house or workplace. Rodents have certain behaviour patterns that you cannot handle. As a result, they are naturally refractory and intractable.

Importance of Professional Rodent Control

Rodents are quite frequent on the grounds of our home. Moreover, they bring a range of illnesses with them. As a result, removing rodents from your home is critical for your family’s safety. The following are some of the reasons why rodent management is so important: 

  • Rodents can cause harm to the property they live in by chewing electrical cables and furnishings. 
  • Rats may wreak havoc on your home’s atmosphere and exacerbate symptoms of asthma. 
  • The infection will occur if rats gain access to your food. 
  • Also, leptospirosis can be spread by coming into direct contact with rats. 

These are the factors that contribute to rats being harmful. As a result, contact us now for the ultimate rodent pest treatment in Footscray.

Some Invasion Symptoms and Rodent Diseases 

  • Rodent excrement on food products, in drawers and cupboards, and under the countertop. 
  • Product packaging with bite marks 
  • Crushed papers, fabric, or dry plant things can be used as nesting materials. 
  • Unseen scents emerge from hidden areas. 
  • Holes through the floor that provided internal accessways. 

Rodents are famous to transmit a wide range of illnesses that can cause serious illness and, in some cases, death. Hantavirus,  rat-bite fever,  plague,  tularaemia, and salmonella are all illnesses spread by rats. Simply be cautious of rats since the diseases they spread are quite harmful.

Rodents of Various Kinds Our Team Controls 

  • Norway Rats- The Norway rat is a destructive pest that is seen both in urban and rural settings. These rats gnaw and destroy food and burrow holes in homes and other materials. They may bring diseases that affect humans and animals. Their natural colours range from grey to brown, with brighter colouration on the bottom of the animal the majority of the time. Our team can easily eradicate them from the property. 
  • Brown Rat Control- Brown rats carry a variety of diseases that they may spread to humans through their excrement. Examples include Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Listeria, Hantavirus and Toxoplasma. Brown rats are capable of wreaking havoc on structures. Feel free to contact us if you notice them in your house. 
  • Black Rat Control- The Black Rat is usually black to light brown in colour with a lighter underbelly. They are regularly seen and like to live in meadows and farmlands. Furthermore, when food becomes scarce, black rats will invade homes and buildings. 
  • Roof Rat Control – The roof rat is indeed the smaller of the two parasitic rats. Black rats and cargo rats are other names for roof rats. The roof rat gets its name from its habit of seeking shelter in the highest parts of buildings. We have had to deal with all these rats for quite some time. 
  • House Mouse Control- One can see this type of mouse in almost every home. They have a pink nose tip and are brown in colour. For numerous years, our staff has been eliminating these types of mice. As a result, call us right now to obtain the greatest service.

Our Technique For Successful Rodent Removal

  • Inspection- Our licenced rat pest control Footscray professionals will visit your house for a thorough assessment once you call us regarding your rat invasion problems. They will determine the type of rat, the degree of the infestation, rodent nests, and the destruction of an asset during the examination.
  • Treatment Plan- Based on the findings of the examination. We will design a custom pest treatment to restore your environment’s health. The treatment plan outlines the sort of rat or mice elimination technique. The output changes of the procedure, the procedure timeframe, and any recommendations for the property’s occupants. Before commencing the Rodent Control Service Footscray procedure in Footscray, we also discuss the treatment strategy with you.
  • Removal- Our mice exterminator Footscray experts will carry out the procedure according to the strategy. Various forms of traps, rodenticides, adhesive panels, fumigation, bristle strips, and other methods are frequently in use. We prefer to provide non-chemical treatment solutions because we value our clients, their families, and the environment.

Same Day Rodent Control Footscray Service

Our same day service experts are available to help you within 24 hours of your booking. We have the latest tools and machines to eradicate all the rodents from your property. Moreover, we are residents of Footscray which is why we know all the routes. Hence we are able to reach you on time. Additionally, we have professional staff who inspects and treats the situations quickly. Thus ring us for help. 


What is the most effective pest control?

There are two effective ways to get rid of mice on your property baits and traps. If you have seen a mouse in your house several times. You should get it examined by a rat pest control Footscray professional. Only a specialist can determine which areas are contaminated and how severe the infestation is. 

Can you serve rodent removal service on the outskirts of Footscray?

Yes, we are available to serve you near Footscray too without any extra charges. Though, please call us to confirm your location. 

At what time rodents are seen the most?

Rats are nighttime critters that are most lively between sunset and midnight and hide throughout the day. So, whenever you notice any rodent activity, do call our mice exterminator Footscray for quick treatment.