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If you are having any beehives or wasps nesting inside or around your house and you want to get rid of them. You can contact us in Footscray for effective bees and wasps removal services. Though bees are an important part of the ecosystem when they enter your property they can be very disturbing. Thus, you can rely on our bee and wasp removal Footscray team for safe bee control.

You can give us a call at 03 4050 7737 to book an appointment with us today. The other benefits of hiring us are:

  • We take bookings 24 by 7 in Footscray
  • We provide services at your convenience
  • Our team is professionally trained and certified
  • You will see the best bee removal experience 
  • Affordable wasp removal costs

The Various Types Of Wasps And Bees That We Remove

The various different types of bees and wasps that we tackle with our bee and wasp removal Footscray services are:

  • Paper Wasps

These are the most common type of wasps to find. The common species are northern paper wasp and European paper wasp. These are also known as Umbrella wasps as their nests are in the shape of umbrellas. Their larger nests have up to 75 paper wasps in them and eggs and larvae that are developing. You can call us for effective paper wasp control in Footscray.

  • Yellow Jackets

These are often mistaken for bees. Because of their appearance as they have shiny yellow and black striped abdomen. They create their nests up to several feet across and can hold up to 3000 wasps in them. Their number peaks in the late summers when the temperature starts to cool down.

  • Hornets

These are 3/4 inch long and are larger species of yellowjackets. They are black and white with a white faces. Their colonies are small having 700 wasps in them. The true hornet is a European hornet which is an inch long and reddish-brown in colour with dull orange stripes. Contact our team for hornet nest removal in Footscray.

  • Carpenter Bee

These are lookalike of bumblebees with a black and shiny abdomen. These are more solitary than bumblebees. For their eggs and larvae development, the females chew about ½ inch into the woods and make tunnels. While the males guard against the outside. 

  • Honey Bee

These are ½ inch long and are honey brown in colour. These lives in extra-large colones of 50,000 of them. The reason for their so long colonies is the fact that they can survive the winters. In the spring the colony forms a swarm that migrates to a new place to make another colony there.

  • Bumble Bee

This is the most familiar buzzing type. These have yellow and black stripes all over. These nests have up to 200 bumblebees. And these are ½–1 inch long. These nests are mostly seen in wall voids, under porches, and in old rodent burrows.

Our Method Of Dealing With Bees And Wasps

Our method of wasp and bee pest control includes the following points:

  • Assessment

Before starting with the treatment our team will assess or inspect your whole property, especially the area that is affected by bees or wasps infestation. Then we will create a detailed report about all the findings and will discuss the method of control with you.

  • The Removal And Control

This step is customizable as per the level of the infestation on your property. In this the bee nest removal takes place, and also we help you to get rid of a wasp nest. Our bee exterminator will conduct the removal process in a very eco-friendly manner and remove bees from the wall if any so that none of the bees and your family member is affected.

  • Eradication

For the eradication, our team uses bug sprays and splashes to control the bees and wasps. Our wasp exterminator team will ensure that the eradication is done properly, as the bees and wasps are present in thousands thus there can be chances of them returning in future.

  • Post-Assessment

After some time our team will pay a visit to your property to make sure thorough extermination. The results that we provide will be safe and long-lasting.

The Method Of Bees Building Their Hives And Wasps Their Nests

The method of bees and wasps building their nests is almost the same. Thus if you have ever noticed their nests up close these are more of a paper-like material. They build their nests according to t the given steps:

  • The queen used worn wood and chew them from old porches and fences.
  • Then the queen chews this wood and creates a pulpy material out of it combining it with their saliva.
  • Then these insects turn this into hexagon-shaped paper cells.
  • Once they create their nest then they lay eggs there. There are almost 200 eggs that they lay and leave for the new location hunting.
  • Thus only a portion of the colony migrates along with the queen to create a new nest.

Hire Us For Same Day Bee And Wasps Control Service In Footscray 

If you are looking for a same-day bees and wasps control service in Footscray then you can rely on our unbeatable services in town. Our team gets training from professionals and has the latest tools and techniques. Thus they can conduct the whole process within the same day of booking. Thus get in touch with us for same-day bee and wasp removal Footscray service.


How long do the bees live?

The life span of bees is up 2-3 years. While the worker bees live up to 5-6 weeks.

Do you provide the removal service for office buildings as well?

Yes, we provide our services for all the residential and commercial areas and buildings.

Will wasps come back to a sprayed nest?

If you have sprayed pesticides after the removal of wasps there are fewer chances for their comeback. But if some of them stay back after the treatment then there are chances of them coming back.