Bird Removal Footscray

Hire Local Team In Footscray For Bird-Proofing Your Property

Everyone likes the chirping of birds in the morning, but when they start taking shelter in your house they create a lot of nuisance. Therefore for the removal of their infestation and nests, you can rely on us in Footscray.  The bird removal Footscray service that we provide will give us an unbeatable experience among all the other companies in the field.

Our experts use safe products and methods for bird pest control as we provide services for both residential and commercial areas. Thus give us a call at 03 4050 7737 for effective and reliable bird control services in Footscray.

Why It Is Suggested To Bird Proof your Property?

The various reasons to go for bird proofing your property are:

  • The droppings of pigeons can cause slippery floors and cause accidents eventually.
  • Birds such as pigeons and mynas make very loud noises.
  • The dropping of these birds is acidic in nature and thus can affect the metal and paint on the wall and cars.
  • The debris of the nests of the birds can clog the drainage systems of your property.
  • These birds create nests under the solar system, and inside the AC outlets of your property. This reduces the efficiency of these units.
  • They also fight with native birds and displace them for their food and shelter.
  • Brush turkeys can cause problems in gardens and landscapes.
  • Migratory birds carry new bacterias and lice that can be hazardous.

Indicating Signs Of Bird Infestation 

The various signs that indicate a bird infestation are:

  • Bird Noises

This is a very common sign indicating bird infestation. As birds especially pigeons and mynas are very noisy and create a lot of disturbance.

  • Droppings

If you happen to see bird droppings very frequently around your premises. Then there are great chances that your property is infested by birds.

  • Debris

Debris can of bird’s nests, their feathers, and their droppings. And seeing this debris commonly can be a sign of bid infestation.

  • Any Food Source

If there are food sources near you like any cafeterias or restaurants. Then there are chances that birds will visit your house and later can build their nests there as well.

  • Property Damage

If you happen to see your solar panels getting ruined, and your drainage pipes are clogged with nests and feathers debris. Then you should get an inspection for bird infestation on your property.

Our Method Of Bird-Proofing A Property

The 4-step process that we use for bird removal service are:

  • Thorough Inspection

When you book an appointment for our bird removal Footscray service our team will visit your property. There we will perform a thorough inspection for the presence of birds, the type of birds present, the level of infestation, etc.

  • Birds Extermination

Then our team will proceed toward the extraction of birds. For that, they will use various bird proofing mesh. After that our team will clean all the mess caused by their infestation, like cleaning up the nests, removing all the debris, etc.

  • Use of spikes And Birds Deterrents

In this step, using various bird deterrents our team will secure your property from the infestation in future. This includes the usage of pigeon spikes, bird proofing roofs. Using bird deterrents for gardens can be a lot helpful.

  • Follow-Up Action

In this step, our team will conduct a final inspection of your property to make sure that the process leaves no stones unturned. Our team will also guide you about various aftercare steps and the maintenance of all the bird barriers that they have installed on your property.

We Are An Affordable Option For Bird Proofing In Footscray

Whether it is bird removal or bird nest removal you can get in touch with us for the most affordable prices in Footscray. We understand that bird infestation costs you a lot. Then why will anybody want to spend so much again for their extermination? Therefore we give our services at the best prices in the market. 

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Us For Bird Removal Service In Footscray?

The advantages of hiring us for bird removal Footscray are:

  • Convenience

Our team of locals work according to your convenience. They will reach your place on the day and time that you mention and is suitable for you. For commercial areas, we conduct our services after office hours as well.

  • Affordable prices

Our bird removal and bird nest removal costs are affordable in Footscray. So, contact us for the best bird removal services. 

  • Team Of Professionals

Our team gets training from professionals. We are very well aware of what we are doing. Also, all the methods of removal that we use are approved by professionals and are safe for your family and birds as well.

  • Convenient Bookings

We are available 24/7 for your bookings. You can contact us on our toll-free number and book your appointment for bird or pigeon pest control.


Does your bird removal process harm the bird?

No, we use the most effective and environmental method and products that don’t harm the birds during the removal.

Birds are not harmful to humans, why can’t I leave them?

Yes, birds are not harmful, but they can create a nuisance, disturbance, and even damage your property. Therefore, professional bird removal is suggested.

How can I avoid bird infestation?

The various ways through which you can avoid bird infestation are, to try to inspect the corners and solar panels frequently, you can avoid food sources around you to not attract them, also always keep your doors and windows close whenever not necessary.