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Get The Best Flea Control Service And Other Insects Removal Service In Burwood By Hiring Us

Fleas are known to annoy your pest by feeding on their blood. So, if you are having a flea infestation problem in your home. Then hire our expert team today. We offer a wide range of flea control and other insect removal services in Burwood. We have been offering our exceptional flea pest control service in Burwood for 20 years now. Our rich experience has always helped us deliver top-quality results. Choosing our team of flea control Footscray will give you peace of mind. There are different reasons which make us the most prominent choice for flea control such as: 

  • Pet Safe Solutions: The solutions we use spraying for fleas are pet safe and also not harmful to humans.
  • Latest Techniques: We apply highly effective and modern methods for flea treatment at houses.
  • Licensed Team: All our flea controllers are fully insured and certified. Besides, they hold rich industry experience.
  • Neat And Odour Free Treatment: We carefully remove the fleas and leave your place neat and odour-free.
  • On-Time Service: Our team will arrive at your place as scheduled as we don’t like our clients waiting for us. 

Signs To Detect Fleas

Detecting fleas can be a little tough especially when it is for the first time. So, if you think your place has fleas then you can look for these signs and get sure about the problem. The different kinds of signs which indicates that your place is infested by fleas are as follows: 

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite: Another sign is when your pet bites, or licks on its neck, head, tail, and armpit. According to many flea removal experts, the fleas tend to jump and scrawl on all the above-given parts of your pet’s body. 
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea: Fleas are tiny in size and you can see them on your pets. You will also notice the flea dirt on your sheets. It looks like tiny black dots which can be visible if you notice carefully. 
  • Other Facts: Fleas feed on humans, cats, dogs, and other domestic animals’ blood. Also, they can live for 100 days without feeding on blood. 
  • Dog Fleas: If you are finding red patches or rashes on the body of your dog then it can be a sign of a dog flea bite. The saliva of fleas can lead to these allergic reactions. So, relieve your dog from the attack of dog fleas by booking our expert dog fleas treatment. 
  • Human Fleas: The flea bite can also cause red dots and itching on your ankle and sheets. You can reach out to our professionals for total care of flea control. 
  • Cat Fleas: Cat fleas bite both cats and dogs. Besides, cat fleas can be detected on the bedding of your pets mostly. 

What Should You Do When You Notice Fleas In your Home?

If there is a large flea infestation in your home, then it is recommended to reach out to our team of flea control Footscray team for the best help. Besides, if there is a small infestation then you can try getting rid of it by following the tips given below: 

  • Steam clean your mattress, carpets, and other upholstery.
  • Also before steam cleaning, you can thoroughly vacuum the carpet and mattress, couch, and other furniture to eliminate the larvae, eggs, and waste of fleas.
  • Thoroughly bathe your pets to get rid of fleas on their body.
  • Also, make sure you are washing the bedding of your pets with detergent and water.

Our Flea Removal Process

We follow the most effective and safest flea treatment. Besides, our team of flea control Footscray ensures that you get the best results at the end of our procedure. So here are the few steps which our expert team follows while doing the flea treatment for home. 

  • Quick Inspection: Firstly, we will check out the fleas in your home. This will help us in understanding the size of the flea infestation and its sources. Accordingly, we will plan the type of treatment to control them. 
  • Removing Fleas Physically/ Habitat Modification: Our team of flea control Footscray will go through the activities of the fleas and treat them using physical methods. Also, our treatment will differ according to the habitats of fleas.
  • Chemical Treatments: In many cases, we also use chemical treatments to get rid of fleas. One of the most effective ways is flea fumigation which will give the best results. Further our chemical treatments are completely safe for you and your pets. 

Get Flea Control Service On Similar Day Of Booking In Footscray

Need a same-day flea control service in Footscray? You are at the right place. We are available to render our exceptional flea removal service on the very same day you call us. We have a highly dedicated and local team of flea controllers who will be there at your place within a few hours. Besides, we are well equipped with all the machines and other facilities to give you an effective flea control service on short notice. 

Our team of Flea Control Footscray is available to serve in all locations. We have our team of customer service who is active round the clock to help you in the best way. So, you can make the appointment according to your need and availability and we will be there to serve you the best flea control service. 


Do you remove dead fleas after the treatment?

Yes, our team will thoroughly remove the dead fleas and will give you a neat and safe service.

Is your flea extermination process harmful to my kids?

Our team will take care of the safety of your kids and pets while performing the flea extermination job in your home. Besides, our method is completely safe. 

Do you provide your flea removal service in places close to Footscray?

Yes, we do render our services to all the locations which are close to Footscray.